Everybody’s Talking About Life n Soul (We Don’t Hate It)

Everybody’s Talking About Life n Soul (We Don’t Hate It)

July 24, 2014

Summer is in full swing and we can’t get enough of it!

From blasting our favorite songs off our summer playlist while driving down the beach to spending a night under the stars with the person who makes our heart skip a beat, summer is totally our style.

It’s not just the crazy starry nights that give us butterflies in anticipation, but also the major love that our Life n Soul swag is getting across the beautiful thing we call the internet! Our latest bluetooth headphones have been making some waves of their own and we can’t help but humbly brag about it in our of blog posts.

Serious Style Cred from Kris of Sound Guys

We believe headphones should be an extension of your personality – style and substance rolled into one. Sound Guys noticed our attention to detail in the BE501 through their video review of our latest Bluetooth headphones.

“Life n Soul knows that style is important, but they also care about making things sound good,” said Kristopher Wouk. “They’re an easy recommendation!”

Thanks, Sound Guys! It’s our goal to help people look as good as their music sounds.

Got Some Electronista Swagger

Electronista put Life n Soul in the spotlight for our 8-driver headphones, the BE501, and for the BM211 Bluetooth speakers. The BE501 features 8 drivers for detailed stereo sound, a 30-foot Bluetooth range, and dynamic surround sound. Also for their personality and style. It’s not just about sound anymore. For further lessons in style, look no further than the BM211 Bluetooth speakers – perfect for music, movies, and dressing to impress.

Everything is Always Better in Texas 

My FOX’s Steve Noviello of Dallas, Texas,  handpicked the best of the winners from this year’s CES to help separate the great from the good, and Life n Soul made the cut with the BE501 Bluetooth headphones. Steve highlighted the multi-device connectivity, the 30-foot range, and the 28-hour playback. So, we tip our hat to you Steve. Over-ear headphones are in, and we’re happy to hear you know these have the sound to back up their looks.

Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

iPhone Life Magazine 

“The 8 Driver BE501 headphones from Life N Soul is a serious competitor to Beats,” said Todd Bernhard of iPhone Life Magazine as he highlights the BE501’s noise reduction and surround sound technology.

Todd was right on the money when he pointed out that if you can’t make it to one of the many summer festivals just grab a pair of these to “feel like you’re at the concert”. He goes on to mention that our padded ear cushions provide comfort for extended use. Beauty doesn’t always have to come with pain, people.

We’re glad to see that people are taking notice of the Life n Soul mission to unite sound with style. We think it’s a natural move. You’ll always find both style and quality sound infused in every Life n Soul product.

We’ll keep our ears out. You just keep grooving.

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