CUE Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Headset

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Headset

Effective Noise Cancellation

Superior Low Latency

Outstanding Sound Quality

Hybrid ANC

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Headset

Effective Noise Cancellation
 Superior Low Latency
 Outstanding Sound Quality

Bluetooth 5.2

Touch operation

Wireless charging

IPX5 waterproof

Type-C charging

  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology effectively filters out the noise of engine maximumly 35 dB
  • Clear tweets and mids with rich bass for the nature of hearing experience
  • Hear Around Mode allows to keep alert to the environment while wearing the headset
  • Adopt high efficiency Bluetooth version 5.2 solution that supports dual-mode
  • <29ms low Bluetooth latency of connection
  • Long battery life supports continuous listening for 8 hours

  • Easy-carry size charging case supplies over 32 hours of power to the headset

  • The charging case supports wireless charging

  • Hall sensor applied to support automatic pairing when the charging case is opened

  • APP applicable to switch modes and modifiable equalizer

The Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation

The capability to eliminate noise

Life n Soul CUE adopts an active noise control technique with the high efficiency DSP (digital Signal Process). Aiming at the noise frequency between 100-1000Hz to process the phase offset to reduce the low frequency noise (such as engine). Besides the daily demands on music listening, it is ideal to use as the shield to block noise to your ears.


Double high sensitivity microphones collect noise signals all-around

The Active Noise Cancellation means that you can actively turn on and off the noise cancellation mode. Unlike the passive noise cancellation technology usually rely on the headset structure or the fixed signal processing module to filter noise , users may choose when they would like to make the noise be cancellated, which is more flexible to use.

Hear Around Mode, safer use on the go

To avoid the danger while using the in-ear headset, Life n Soul CUE allows you keep alert to the environment by switching to the Hear Around Mode.

CUE the ANC headset is facilitated with F.F. (feedforward) and F.B. (feedback) microphones in each earbud, which is as known as the Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology. Through the F.F. and F.B. microphones, the headset is able to collect the environment noise and allow DSP (digital signal processing) generate the signals to eliminate the noise wave.


Unlike the headset with only F.F. microphone, the Hybrid ANC headset is able to process the noise signal more effectively. Most of the the headsets that aim to eliminate noise 30dB or more need to apply the Hybrid ANC technology. However, the higher technology level makes the cost relatively more.

Smart Connection and Long Battery Life

40-hour battery life and wireless charging supported

Every fully charge supports 8 hours in general mode and 6 hours in low latency mode of playtime. The charging case supplies extra playtime up to 32 hours. The CUE headset supports both Type-C and wireless charging. The power of headset can last for 6 months under the standby mode.

The Latest Bluetooth Application

Life n Soul CUE applies the most up-to-date Bluetooth version 5.2 chipset that is integrated with hybrid ANC technology, supports AAC and SBC audio coding format and allows long continuous playtime due to its low power consumption.

Dual-Mode makes connection easier

CUE headset applies the dual-mode technology that can automatically switch master and slave earbuds. Simply open the charging case and find the Bluetooth device name ‘LnS-CUE’ to pair with it! Let CUE to do the rest.

The Hall Sensor: just open the charging case and your headset is ready for use

The charging case applies the hall sensor. Once you open the charging case, your headset will automatically connect to the last mobile device or get ready for pairing.

The Light Sensor: your headset knows if you are wearing it

The CUE headset applies the light sensor to determine whether it is in use (in ear) or not. When the earbud leaves your ear, it will pause the music and gets back to play when you wear it again.

Low Latency and Superior Sound Quality

Extremely low Bluetooth latency enhances digital entertainment quality

As the Bluetooth headset is decoding the audio signals and transmission under the wireless condition, the low latency performance is fairly important (there may be disturbance nearby during the transmission process!). Most of the Bluetooth headsets in the general mode perform 200 – 300ms latency while they are transmitting audio signal from the mobile phone to the headset and that sometimes causes the video and audio asynchronous.

Ultra-Thin Titanium-Plated Driver Unit delivers full and clear sound quality

For the better noise cancellation performance, the chamber of the headset tends to be more airtight. As the result of that, the noise cancellation headset mostly shows outstanding bass. In order to balance the bass performance, CUE applies the ultra-thin titanium-plated driver unit. As the rigidity of titanium can effectively enhance the transient response of the driver unit, it can relatively make up the loss of mids and highs of an ANC headset.

Perfect Headset for Daily Use

Balanced weight design, comfortable and steady to wear

The headset design referred to the tests from over 100 people and found the best ratio between the head and the body. Along with the simple operation surface, it is easy to wear steadily. Each pair of headset comes with 3 various sizes of eartips for different ear contours.

Light and tiny, easy to carry

The charging case is light and tiny. It is easily placed in the pocket or the handbag to go anywhere with you!

The Application to Operation

The CUE headset may be operated with its application by the mobile phone to connect device, switch headset modes and customize the equalizer.


  • Bluetooth version: 5.2
  • Driver unit: 10mm
  • Frequency: 20 – 20KHz
  • Bluetooth profiles: HFP 1.7, HSP 1.2, A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6, SPP 1.2
  • Audio codec: AAC, SBC
  • Connection distance: 10m
  • Listening modes: Normal / Noise cancelling mode / Hear Around™ mode
  • Low latency support: Yes
  • Playtime: Normal: 8 hours / Noise cancelling mode: 7 hours / Low latency mode: 6 hours
  • Charging time: Headset: Approx. 1.5 hours / Charging case: Approx.2.5 hours
  • Waterproof level: IPX5
  • Weight: Earbud (each): 6g / Charging case: 38g

* Charging time may vary depends on the actual use.
* For the purpose of battery health, please at least charge once every 3 to 6 months to avoid the battery over discharged.
* Hear Around™ mode is to hear ambient sound.


In the box

  • CUE Hybrid ANC Headset x 1
  • CUE charging case x 1
  • Silicon eartips x 3 pairs (S/M/L, 1 pair each; Size M eartips are installed on the headset)
  • USB Type-C charging cable x 1
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Link to view the CUE user manual